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Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest

Installation Details

Page last Updated October 27, 2022

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  1. Once you have started the setup program you okay 4 steps. The first window says "Welcome to the MycoMatch Setup Wizard" and recommends that you close all other applications. Make sure you are not running MatchMaker or MycoMatch. Click Next. The next window gives you an opportunity to change where the MatchMaker.exe file will be installed. Normally you just click Next. Then you have an opportunity to put a MycoMatch icon on your desktop by clicking the box next to "Create a desktop icon". Click Next. Click Install. Note that some versions of Windows will not put the icon on the desktop, although it will be on the Start menu in some form.

  2. In Windows Vista you may encounter extra warnings for security reasons. If User Account Control is enabled (as it is by default when Vista is installed), you will be warned first at each stage of installation, "An unidentified program wants access to your computer. Do not run the program unless you know where it's from or you've used it before." Click Allow in each case.

  3. On some Windows 8 systems, you may have to adjust Windows' Compatibility Settings to "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)".

  4. Occasionally you will encounter an extra window partway through the installation which says "A file being copied is not newer than the file on your current system. It is recommended that you keep your existing file." If you have not uninstalled the previous version of MatchMaker or MycoMatch, you must answer "No to All". Otherwise it doesn't generally matter which way you answer and you can answer "Yes".

  5. You should now be able to run the program the same way you run any other program from the Start menu. Watch for the red and white mushroom on a blue background. 

  6. Other troubles encountered by one or more users during installation include the following

    • A notice popped up "Unable to execute. C:\Program Files (x86)\Matchmaker\Matchmaker.exe Create Process failed; code 740. The requested operation requires elevation." In this case, despite the notice during installation, MycoMatch was actually installed properly and no problem was found with the working of the program.


  • There is a newly discovered issue on some newer laptops with Tree View This Category and Tree View All Categories. These are convenient ways of exploring how the different species are related to each other in orders and families, although they are not essential to how the program works. If you like to use this feature and your laptop does not access the trees properly, follow these directions: Type SERVICES into the windows search bar to find and run the Windows SERVICES app.

    1. Go to the service with the name “Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel”.
    2. Double click it, or Right-Click it and choose Properties
    3. Change “Startup Type” to “Disabled” and choose “OK”
    4. Reboot your computer
    5. If you actually need to use a Touch Keyboard or Handwriting Panel with a Windows Pen and Ink device, change the “Startup Type” back to “Automatic”.
  • If you have chosen not to install at this time, you need to go later to the place on your computer where you downloaded MycoMatch241.exe and double click on it (or single click then Enter key). (If you are using a DVD, go back to the files on the DVD.)

    This is easiest to do with the File Explorer program (formerly Windows Explorer) which you can reach in a number of different ways on each Windows version, if its manilla folder icon is not already on your taskbar or desktop. Holding down the keyboard Start button and pressing the E key should bring it up. The Start Menu can also be used (bottom left of screen or press and release the keyboard Start button). On the Start menu you find it under Windows System (formerly under Accessories which was under All Programs).

    The file will normally be in Downloads, less often in Documents or Desktop.

  • You can install the data to a different folder from the default location for program data (the location varies with the version of Windows). However, in the latter case a file called dataloc.txt must contain the new address of the data for the program to run properly. You make a file dataloc.txt with the correct data folder address (using a text editor like Notepad), save it to a known location, then copy it to the application folder
    (normally C:\Program Files(x86)\MatchMaker\ or C:\Program Files\MatchMaker\).



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Eli Gibson designed the background image.
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Michael Beug, Cy and Mary Hampson, Boleslaw Kuznik,
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